The LIAF is the identity federation consisting of education and research entities (including and not limited to institutions of higher learning, research institutes, colleges, and partner organizations) in Sri Lanka, who are users of academic e-resources, and organizations and companies (including and not limited to publishers, cloud service providers, public service departments, and other partners) who are providers of such e-resources.

By mutually trusting rules/policy stipulated by the LIAF Federation, organizations will be able to utilize federated access among each other. Once the federated authentication is implemented, Web Single Sign-On (the mechanism where a single ID and password permit a user to access all systems on the web) will be enabled; thus create an environment where a user can access other institutional and commercial services using a single password and without the need to re-enter the ID or password for as long as the session allows it.

Lanka Education and Research Network, introduces "LIAF" to its community as a single point getting their applications and systems authenticated. LIAF will use Shibboleth based SAML2.0 system to keep Single-Sign-On work through out the domain.

The LIAF allows users to have access to services offered by multiple Service Providers using only one account. LIAF also facilitates online collaboration in the cloud, both between users within the same institution as between users from different institutions.

If you connect your institution to the LIAF:

  • Users can access all services with a single login account.
  • You don't have to implement and maintain a custom made connection to each service or Service Provider separately.
  • You can regulate authorization for entire groups of students and employees easily.
  • You can integrate your internal authorization resources with LIAF.
  • Easy integration of services thanks to open standards.
  • Enhance user privacy.


Joining as an Identity Provider

To join LIAF as an Identity Provider, your organization needs to be part of Lanka Education and Research Network. All LEARN connected applicant Universities / Institutes may sign the policy agreement by the head of the institution and submit membership form on Support email address or by post. The federation may request additional information with regard to participating institution.

Joining as a Service Provider

The Service provider can be a SAML SSO-enabled web resource such as e-learning platforms, web shops, e-journal databases, etc. which make use of federated authentication and do authorize access to their applications based on the information they got from the Identity Provider of the users home organization. LIAF accepts applications from LEARN members and any other higher education, research, content providers that supports SAML SSO. Based on the LIAF Policy, LEARN management will decide the eligibility of the applicant.

Procedure in Joining

  • Applicant must agree to terms and conditions/Registration Policy of the federation and they needs to send the scanned signed documents to noclearn.ac.lk along will the following provider applications.
    1. Application as an Identity Provider
    2. Application as a Service Provider
  • Once your request has been approved, you will be asked to submit the SAML metadata for the Federation Registry database. Metadata Registration Practice Statement can be found from here
  • Credentials to the Federation Registry for entry maintanence will be sent to the registrant support contact via email.
The LIAF has all the rights in deciding the appectance or denial of the provider and LIAF descision will be the final.


Identity Providers

Institute Joined Date
Industrial Technology Institute - Sri Lanka 2018-11-06
Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya 2018-11-28
Faculty of Technology, University of Ruhuna 2018-12-20
University of Colombo School of Computing 2019-06-07
University of the Visual and Performing Arts 2019-06-12
University Grants Commission - Sri Lanka 2019-06-12
University of Kelaniya - Sri Lanka 2019-06-13
University of Moratuwa 2019-06-14
IDP for LEARN Staff 2018-10-16
Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna 2019-06-21
Uwa Wellassa University 2019-07-04
Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna 2019-07-10
University of Colombo 2019-08-08
University of Peradeniya 2019-08-17
South Eastern University 2019-08-23
University of Ruhuna 2019-08-28
University of Sri Jayawardenepura 2019-09-05
Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies 2019-10-14
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna 2019-11-26
University of Jaffna 2019-12-03
NERD Center 2019-12-04
The Open University of Sri Lanka 2020-02-07
Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture 2020-02-18
ATI - Ampara 2020-02-19
Sri Lanka - German Training Institute 2020-02-19
Trincomalee Campus, EUSL 2020-02-19
Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies 2020-02-19
Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute 2020-02-19
Institute of Indigenous Medicine - UoC 2020-02-20
Vavuniya Campus, University of Jaffna 2020-02-20
Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka 2020-02-20
ATI - Jaffna 2020-02-20
Eastern University of Sri Lanka 2020-02-20
Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education 2020-02-20
ATI - Batticaloa 2020-02-20
Kotelawala Defence University 2020-02-20
Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 2020-02-20
Postgraduate Institute of Medicine 2020-02-20

Service Providers

Service Url Joined Date
LEARN Event Manager https://indico.learn.ac.lk/ 2018-11-07
Zoom Video Conferencing https://learn.zoom.us/ 2019-05-14
LEARN eduVPN Service https://eduvpn.ac.lk/ 2019-10-08


Administrative and Technical Contact

Please contact LEARN Technical Assistance Center on taclearn.ac.lk for any administrative or technical problem or enquiry.

General Contact

Lanka Education and Research Network
Information Technology Center
University of Peradeniya
Peradeniya 20400
Sri Lanka
: +94 81 200 3030
: learnac.lk


The Metadata is an important part of the SAML Federation. In essence, it is a directory of registered, trusted and approved entities within the Federation, allowing only Identity Providers (IdP) and Service Providers (SP) found within the metadata to communicate with each other.

Metadata Registration Practice Statement can be found from here

Metadata Details

LIAF Metadata https://fr.ac.lk/signedmetadata/metadata.xml
LIAF to edugain Metadata https://fr.ac.lk/signedmetadata/LIAF_to_edugain.xml
Metadata Signer https://fr.ac.lk/signedmetadata/metadata-signer